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One netizen named Apiz Mikaelson, posted a Facebook Post on 8th of April 2019, claiming that he had been fined $200 for smoking with one foot out of the yellow box. The incident allegedly happened along Orchard Road.

In his Facebook post, Apiz claimed that when confronted by the authorities, “Told the clown okay I’ll move inside cause I legitly didn’t know, but the asshat didn’t wanna take no for an answer. Probably didn’t hit the quota today.”

Attached with his post was a picture of him, showing how he was allegedly “caught” smoking with one foot out of the yellow box:

This resulted in him getting the heavy fine of $200.

Below is a picture of the summon given to him:

This is his Facebook Post in full:

“Share this post, dont give more money to those assholes. So I barely go to Orchard road. Maybe once or twice a year or less. I just Ord-ed bout a month+ ago, I know theres this new law, the no smoking implementation whereby youve to smoke in designated areas blah3. That I know. But what I DIDNT know was that you could be fined for having the other foot out of the yellow box. Told the clown okay Ill move inside cause I legitly didnt know, but the asshat didnt wanna take no for an answer. Probably didnt hit the quota today. What a joke. Do share this around, dont give any more money to these fools and be really careful where you smoke, theyre everywhere 😒”

The next time you want to take a smoke, do remember to only do so in these areas with the designated smoking spots. This will prevent yourself from getting fined unnecessarily!

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