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Those who own a car (or many cars) in Singapore know how expensive it is to maintain cars. To add on, extra expenses include ERP (Electronic Road Pricing), Road Tax, Car Park fees… and the list goes on and on.

One large and probably the biggest factor in maintaining a car is to pump petrol for it to operate. Singapore being a small island with little to no natural resources, oil prices are no doubt more expensive. This makes many Singaporean drivers flock to Malaysia, our neighboring country to top up fuel instead.

Because of this reason (we think), the government had to enforce the ¾ tank rule in cars to those going through the causeway even.


Some even resorted to shaking their car to “pump more petrol” in their tanks:


However, there’s actually a way to get “discounted” petrol prices in Singapore too. And the best part? It is totally legal.

While some of you may have heard of the rumor that it’s a good idea to top up fuel in cars in the morning rather than at night, we don’t actually understand why.

According to an article by NDTV, experts say petroleum products expand when they are warm. Just like almost every other matter in the world. The more something expands, the larger it’s volume. Therefore, if you top up fuel at noon, the warmer temperatures might actually cause the petrol to be expanded in volume and thus lesser fuel per dollar.

You might be wondering, why not pump at night since that’s when the sun’s down?

Well, even though the sun’s down, the time given for the petrol to cool down from the scorching hot afternoon sun is less, probably only 2-4 hours, compared to in the morning where the petrol gets cooled down for more than 12 hours.

Take note, petrol stations refuel their large underground tanks periodically and this may affect the temperatures of their petrol.  Still, the chances of you getting more fuel per buck are higher in the morning. Although the “extra” fuel you get might not be a lot, think of the “extra” volume of fuel you might get after 10 years!

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