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With Singapore being located near the equator, it’s not surprising why it is so hot compared to other countries. This is how we all probably look like after leaving our houses for just 5 mins!


1. Drink lots and lots and lots of water

According to this source, Singapore also has reached temperatures as high as 37 Degrees Celcius. This increases the recommended levels of water intake our body needs to hydrate itself. Do read our article on Why You Should NEVER, Ever, Drink Bottled Water Again, if you haven’t!

2. Apply Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen can help lower your risk of getting skin cancer by protecting you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Get a good one that is suitable for your skin and invest in it!

3. Bring an umbrella

Here in Singapore, your umbrella is just like your shirt! It is almost mandatory to bring one around with you! Besides sheltering you from the sun, umbrellas can protect you from other weather conditions like thunderstorms! Otherwise, if you want to step Hypebeast and all, just bring a cap!


4. Wear shades

It is really important to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays! There are already spectacles that will transition into shades that will protect your eyes too under the scorching hot sun!

5. Wear loose clothing

It’s really a no brainier to wear loose clothing when you’re in Singapore! It helps ventilate your body and prevent the build up of sweat and perspiration!

6. Use a fan

Any cheap portable fan will work. No, it isn’t childish to bring a fan! In fact, your friends will probably be jealous of you when you take it out in a hot environment! You can get one in any Daiso stores for just $2! After all, fans are your number one fans! (pun intended)

7. Take Uber or Grab

Come on! With the large number of promo codes you can easily get nowadays, there’s really no need to walk in the scorching hot sun! You can simply click here to view our weekly updated Uber and Grab promotion codes!


8. Stay in Shopping Malls

No matter where you are located in Singapore, even while you are reading this, chances are there’s a shopping mall just a stone’s throw away from you! Simply head there and chill, grab a coffee from Starbucks and protect yourself from the sun!


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