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There’s countless of video streaming sites such as Youtube and Netflix nowadays. So, why are people still willing to pay for a movie ticket? Where prices are much higher in Singapore compared to the rest of the world like Malaysia, there’s actually still many reasons why. For instance, people going on dates might prefer to have a movie together, especially if they are the awkward type. Families looking to spend some time together may also choose to pay to have a larger screen. However, no matter who you are, we’re sure you’ve paid for a movie before and experienced the same annoying moments! Here, we have come up with a list of things people do in cinemas that annoy others a lot!

1. Browsing social media

Yes. It’s fine if you’re just browsing Facebook and Twitter. It’s also fine if you’re stalking your crush on Instagram. But what is NOT fine, is browsing with brightness level 120% turned on! The unwanted glare being shown on others are just straight annoying!


P.S. But we’re sure that if you’re browsing our website,, no one would mind! 😉

2. Making calls

As if not making your phone on the silent phone is bad enough already, is those who chooses the ANSWER the calls. Uhh FYI, we paid $10.50 not to hear you chatting with your friends but watch and hear the movie itself!


3. The smuggler

Yup. Everyone who’s reading this probably smuggled food before. We completely understand the need for it! I mean it’s like as if paying $10.50 for a movie ticket is not already enough we still have to pay for another popcorn set for $6.50, right? So we feel you and sometimes to admit ourselves, we do the same. However, those who actually brings their whole wedding dinner style 9-course meal is downright annoying. Ok, we exaggerated a little here but still, please stop smuggling so many food items!


4. The free headrest for you

Words just can’t explain how disgusting and annoying it is for someone’s shoe to be resting on your seat and beside your face!

5. The Hollywood dancer

I paid $10.50 to watch cute minions. Not your head swinging from left to right every 5 seconds. As if being tall is not already naturally gifted, there’s no need to show off your Hollywood dance skills.


6. 98.7 FM

Stop chatting with your friends for god’s sake. The movies already audio and there’s absolutely no need for background sound or voice over!

7. The flasher

Yes, we get it. You want to take a boomerang or video to upload to your Instagram story or Snapchat. It’s ok if you want to show off to your friends that you’re watching a movie. But please for the love of God, turn off your camera flash! We are not watching Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief movie! Thanks but no thank you for the extra lighting effects!


8. The vibrator

No, we’re not talking about the dirty stuff you filthy minded person. We’re talking about those who constantly kicks the chair in front of them every 30 seconds. That’s not cool. Not cool at all.

9. The toilet addict

We thought about this for awhile and still can’t comprehend why – why do people see the need to keep going to the toilet every 2 minutes?!  That is such a shitty habit! (pun intended)

10. Practicing for fire drills

As if Secondary Schools in Singapore haven’t already given you enough fire drill exercises. Why do people have to chiong out to the exit like they are running away from fires, or pretending to be Usain Bolt?!


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