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On 4th May 2019, a video was shared on Facebook page Our Singapore. In the less than 30 seconds long video, a man can be seen using his mobile phone while jaywalking across Singapore roads.

After reaching the other side of the road, a policeman could be seen ushering the jaywalker to another policeman immediately.

In the video, the other policeman could be seen pointing his fingers at the road twice as well as the nearby designated pedestrian crossing while talking to the jaywalker.

The video can be seen here:

According to an article by Channel News Asia, fines for road offences for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists have been raised since the start of April 1, 2019.

Offences such as Jaywalking may get you a fine of SGD $50, up from the previous SGD $20. Other offences such as entering an expressway tunnel on foot may be punishable by a SGD $75 fine, an increase of SGD 40 from the previous SGD $30.

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