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If you are a fan of Ikea’s furniture, chances are you have tried and LOVE the chicken wings they used to sell. The chicken wings had got discontinued after some complaints made by many Singaporeans. This had been the result of the chicken wings supposedly changed its taste, reportedly more tasteless and just not as tasty as it once was.

The discontinuation of Ikea’s famous chicken wings has certainly made Singaporeans disappointed and us thinking twice about dining at Ikea.

Well, the good news is Ikea’s ever famous chicken wings are already back for sale since the 3rd of July 2017! Ikea had claimed it to be back with the new original recipe, making its chicken wings more tender and juicer!

What can be even better than the return of those tasty Ikea chicken wings? Ikea will be giving out FREE chicken wings! Yes, you read it correctly. It’s free!

The promotion will be on 29 July 2017 and for Ikea members. While stocks last and limited to 2 wing per member.  Other terms and conditions may apply!


For those who aren’t already members of the Ikea family, fret not! You can also sign up at any of their membership booths located inside their buildings!

Other than that, diners can enjoy other food items at great prices as shown below:




You can find out more about this promotion here.

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