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We’re sure everyone has heard about WD-40, and how it’s like a magic solution to every engineer’s problems. However, there are really some hacks you should really know about WD-40 thats applicable for us non-engineers!

1. It can kill cockroaches


Yes, you read it correctly. We’re not reserving point number one to home hacks immediately, as we think this is the most important! Spray a little of that solution to places you don’t want these cockroaches in. These WD-40s work like magic! You can spray them at cockroaches too if it’s already too late to be a preventive measure!

P.S. We’re sorry if you’re reading this article or point during lunch! :p

2. Remove scuff marks on walls


Don’t just spend your money on a whole new can of paint just yet! Spray a little WD-40, rub it with a rag and boom – your wall’s as clean as new!

3. Remove those sticker stains easily


Simply remove them by spraying some WD-40 solution on it, wait a few minutes to dry, and wash with a soapy solution.

4. Clear those stains on glass

Those stains on your shower windows or bedroom window can be easily cleared using WD-40! By spraying it onto the window’s surfaces, liquid on it will simply flow right off!

But please, please, please, do not spray WD-40 onto your frying pans and expect it to be a “non-stick” frying pan! LOL!

5. Clear those jammed rusty scissors


Have this scissors you really love but it’s starting to not operate freely? Or it has started to rust and it’s hard to use it? Well, spray some WD-40 magic solution on it and ta-da!

But please, if your scissors’ condition is as bad as this picture above, just throw it away already!

6. Remove gum stuck under your shoes


You might know some of your rebel friends or yourself who still smuggle chewing gum or bubble gum from Malaysia. Some of these gums when stepped on, can be quite annoying and disgusting to remove. Well, as the title goes, spray some WD-40 and tada!

7. Overly attached glasses


Well, apparently not only do humans and animals have feelings for each other. Even glasses bought from shops like Ikea does! Ever encountered a glass cup stuck inside another? Don’t just keep ignoring it and use another. Running away from your problems is never a solution!  Simply spray some WD-40 and you’ll be able to remove it easier than any other way!

Remember to wash it thoroughly though, or prepare to visit your nearby A&E!

8. Remove coffee stains, chili sauces or even blood stains


Don’t let that coffee stain, chili sauce stain or blood stain stop you from wearing the shirt you really like again! Simply spray some WD-40 solution on it, wait a few minutes to dry, and wash with a soapy solution. There you have it – as good as new!

Please, however, DO NOT use WD-40 near children or infants! Wash the solution after usage if applicable.


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