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One netizen named Drayson Lim posted a prank on Facebook, with the description as follows:

Many of his friends on Facebook, however, understood it was a prank and even left laughing emoji reactions on his post.

One netizen, however, did not realize it was a prank, clicked on the link and noticed it was his own profile page. This prompted him to lodge a real police report at one of the neighborhood police centers in Singapore fearing his reputation would be ruined.

This was the comment he left on the prank post:

Many would have thought as he was pranking back to the original prankster, but turns out that he was dead serious. He actually made a real police report at Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre and even took photos of the original police report to share on his Facebook profile:

“Made a Police report someone posted this..and accuse me of breaking into his home at Sengkang and gave me 24hrs to admit? This is serious because he claim that I left my HP behind when I was all awhile home?
When I PM him he did not answer? Also my reputation is involve..
As you can see I immediately made a Police report.This is not funny now Police going to investigate on your house breaking.If this a prank it just gotten serious.

Those of you have received this prank report immediately to police..Stay vigilant to all my Fb fans.”

The following images were from his post:

His post description reads: “As you can see I made a Police report..they will investigate is there a break in.”

“Now it is Police case..Hope you get the right people before you accuse..You got the wrong guy..So it is not funny.”

The post have since gathered over 1.8k shares and over 770 comments. Some netizens were quick to comment:

The investigation officer that will be assigned to this case will probably laugh for a really long time as well.

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