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Growing up in Singapore, you most likely have been to or heard of Giant Supermarket. Not only are the prices cheap and good, but the stores are also generally huge and just a place you can chill as well.

According to Giant’s official website, they currently have over 62 stores located across the island. They range from popular shopping districts to convenient neighborhood areas. There are three types of stores by Giant – Hypermarket, Supermarket, Express. Customers can opt to Shop Online as well. Below is a screengrab from Giant’s website:


However recently there was a post on Facebook suggesting a notice apparently put up by management which shows the number and names of stores under the brand, which are facing closures or changes. The stores affected are:

  1. Junction 10
  2. Jalan Tenteram
  3. 512 Bishan
  4. Geylang East
  5. Vivocity
  6. Grandstand Turf
  7. Bedok Market Place

Attached below is the notice shared on Facebook (we have since placed our watermark on it):

No automatic alt text available.


The lack of any logo or signing off by any management, however, raises eyebrows on the authenticity in which if the notice could be bogus.  But why would anyone be free enough to create such fake notice anyway?

Giant Supermarket has not officially put up a statement or announcement regarding this, so all we customers can do now is wait and see. A key point to note is that although having quite a number of stores supposedly affected by the “closures/changes”, they are only a small portion from the 62 outlets island wide. Hopefully, this does not turn out like how Uber exited Singapore recently or that Giant turns out to be the next Carrefour which had left Singapore a few years back.

UPDATE: Giant Supermarket has since clarified on Facebook regarding this matter. Although the Facebook Page is not verified by Facebook, it is sure worth the read, anyway. Read the post below:


This is assuring as we now know that Giant is not closing down fully. Apparently, they are planning to open more stores instead, in the future.

However, the leaked picture does seem to actually have some degree of accuracy, as the first two stores have indeed closed permanently.

To note further, the above two locations that are closed permanently are in line with the dates in the leaked picture, suggesting some degree of accuracy.

This is according to Google & Mustsharenews:



Further update: According to, Giant have replied for further comment:

“The note/picture is not put up nor taken at any Giant store. There are 60 Giant stores in Singapore – while the first 2 on the list are closed, the rest are still in operation.

As in any retail business, we regularly review our portfolio of existing stores as part of business rationalisation process to ensure we maximise business efficiencies. This includes closing and/or opening new stores depending on factors such as performance, lease renewals, site potential etc. Giant remains an important business format and we will continue to explore opportunities to expand its footprint.”

So is Giant actually closing down? Or just some of the stores? Guess we just have to wait and find out.

We have too updated our earlier Facebook Post to update the public on this matter.

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