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If you are a Singaporean, chances are your life is busy as ours. Many of us work full-time jobs, with long working hours and sometimes at the expense of our leisure and sleeping time. Students in Singapore may also be occupied with school work, projects, and even have to study for exams. And as the title of this article suggests, we will share with you how to get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep, giving you more time to study, work, sleep watch television, and play!

1. RedMart

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RedMart is a shopping website, which provides many options for items that we need – not only edibles but even cosmetics and facial care! They are a certainly a busy man’s best friend!

Use code: TENOFF for 10% off your first order.

Free delivery for first purchases above $30 too!


2. HonestBee

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HonestBee, has the leading edge on this, with their service including a 1-hour delivery timing on the same day. Yes, one hour. They literally send their team to the supermarkets that you want to buy items from, and deliver right to your doorstep! For those items out of stock, they will even suggest you an alternative! Did we mention that their list of supermarkets not only includes FairPrice but even Emporium Shokuhin and Le Petit Depot! Specialties such as Mmmm! , ZAC Butchery and Home-Fix! We heard that you are able to also shop multiple supermarkets for the same order! How amazing!

Get $12 off your first order with a minimum spend of $65. Valid for 1 month after sign up!


3. FairPrice Online

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We bet all Singaporeans have heard of Fairprice and been there to shop, but we’re sure that many Singaporeans do not know that Fairprice themselves have a delivery website themselves! There are also many items on offer there, as well as lucky draws!

Free delivery with a min spent of $99!


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