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Almost everywhere we go, there will always be Starbucks. It’s a really popular place for students to study, others to work or even just to have a chat over some handcrafted drinks.

Here, we have collated some of Starbucks tips and tricks that we thought you guys will benefit or learn something!

1. Ask for more whipped cream for free

While for some of us who really hate cream, this tip will definitely benefit those whole love cream!

2. Know some of the secret recipes which Singapore Starbucks outlets serve!

We honestly don’t know much about this, but definitely, do check out the article by The Smart Local!

3. Get a Starbucks rewards card and register it

For those who frequent Starbucks often, you HAVE TO know this. Don’t let the price of $10 for the card deter you from getting one. Not only you get $10 value inside too, but you’ll get lots of freebies and offers such as 1 for 1 drinks, a free cake on your birthday month, and much more!

Not to forget, not only you get yourself a fancy card of the design you choose, but you’LL be given a fancy gold card after accumulating about 300 points within a year! Something to show off to your friends and family!

4. Get the Starbucks app

For those who already have a Starbucks card, getting the app for either iOS or Android, saves you the hassle of searching your Starbucks card in your wallet and saving you and others behind the queue time! The app lets you log in to your Starbucks account, and pay for your purchases just through scanning your card in your app! Reloading your card also makes it much more seamless! You can also tip your barista digitally! How cool is that?!

Besides, the app is free so why not try it?

5. For those who treat Starbucks like their 2nd home

If your planning to stay in your seat for long, it’s best to get yourself a tea bag type of drink and ask for free refills of hot water along the way. Not only you get to have a comforting hot cup of tea while being productive, you won’t get that much stares for hogging the seat as others might think you just ordered your drink!

Most importantly, try your best to search for the “hot seats” – the ones with power points nearby for usage! You’ll get to charge your devices for free!

6. Order Smart

Order smart. Want an Earl Grey Tea Latte but at a cheaper price? Order just iced Earl Grey Tea without syrup, and ask them to add some more milk! This will save you about $2 more!

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