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Mmmm just hearing A&W’s famous cold root beer float, tasty Coney dogs and waffles with ice cream are just enough to bring some nostalgic memories back. A&W who closed its five shops in Singapore about 2003, will be expected to be back operating here again!

A&W, which actually stands for “Allen and Wright”, according to an article by Yahoo!, plans to open about 30 to 40 outlets every year in its effort to expand in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and finally – Singapore.

We can start to expect to see these A&W outlets as soon as 2018!

Thank god we don’t have to travel thousands of miles just for our A&W cravings anymore again! (We’re exaggerating, of course!)

Oh and before we forget, a good news for our Muslim friends – A&W stores that are opening in Singapore will be Halal certified!

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