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With Singapore being located near the equator, it’s not surprising why it is so hot compared to other countries. This increases the recommended levels of water intake our body needs to hydrate itself. Well, the good thing is, even though Singapore still rely on Malaysia for a good amount of drinkable water we are consuming, there is water available to us almost everywhere! But as the title of this article goes, why should we never ever, drink bottled water again? I mean, it is so accessible and convenient!

1. Bottled water is way more than 500 times the price of tap water.

According to CNA quoting PUB, a 600ml bottled water that is usually retailed at $0.50 to $1.00, only cost $0.001. That alone shows how crazy we are for purchasing bottled water!

2. Water bottles are harmful to the environment.

Not only are very large amounts of plastics being used in the manufacturing process of these bottles, but even transporting them from the factories to your supermarket shelves alone, consumes large quantities of fuel and contributes greatly to the carbon footprint.

Many bottles, even with ones that say they are recyclable, are often not recyclable and damages the environment.

We have to admit as well, that there is still a handful people that continue littering these bottles everywhere, including the sea! Our poor otters will then suffer! We’re sure you don’t want that, right?

3. There are PLENTY of toxins in many bottled water brands

Bottled water is bad for the mother earth but even worse for you.  

Even if the companies that manufacture them use BPA-free plastics, there is still a high possibility of the chemicals being released. This is so especially when they are exposed to heat or have been on your shelves for extended periods of time! This is probably why bottled water has expiry dates. A handful of these chemicals is possible endocrine disruptors too, something you definitely wouldn’t want in your body!

4. Singapore’s water is extremely safe.

Singapore’s tap water has qualities that far exceeds the minimum World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Environmental Protection Agency standards. Therefore there is almost no excuse why such an urbanized country would still splash about SGD$134,000,000 for bottled water just in the year 2015 alone!

According to PUB, tap water in Singapore is also safe to drink.

5. There are many alternatives.

Yes, there are MANY more alternatives than choosing to drink bottled water, such as purchasing and investing in a good water bottle. (one that is made using BPA-free plastic or stainless steel, of course!) Not to forget, there are many different types too, such as thermos flasks which keep your drink hot or cold for long periods of time!


By changing your habits, your body will definitely thank you for it! Well, better to be safe than sorry, right?

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