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With Singapore being extremely tech savvy, it’s no surprise why Uber and Grab are so popular here. Most people would have already tried them, and have surely some experiences – both good and bad. Here, we made a list of the experiences our team has encountered since the first time we all tried them. Before that, be sure to check out THIS WEEK’s Uber and Grab PROMOTION CODES that we have collated for you readers! (Yes, no matter how old this article is, we update this page every day!)  Click here for it, and you thank us later! 😉

1. Getting a pool or share ride matched

Getting a cheaper ride sometimes isn’t all that great or is it? Well, for the socially awkward people, the feeling you get when you get a matched GrabShare or uberPOOL ride just sucks! Most of the time though, there aren’t matches so we riders still benefit for cheaper rides!


2. Impatient drivers

Don’t get us wrong. We get that time plays a huge part on drivers earnings, and we completely understand. More time > more pickups > more money, right? But if waiting for 5 seconds before the taxi in front moves and clears the way pisses these drivers off so much that they have to horn 5 times and curse all the vulgarities they know, why not find another job? Or maybe, driver uberHeli? That way, all you have to do is wait for Air Traffic Control clearance!

3. The story teller

We personally don’t mind drivers who share their stories and experiences with us, especially if they are interesting. In fact, we even highly recommend you to do so too, so as to help keep them awake and in focus. This will help keep the drivers safer on roads. After all, emember that they too have families waiting for them at home! But for those riders that are using their earpieces, it can be quite annoying!

4. The cologne advertiser

We all have been to cars that seem like a cologne bottle have been poured all over the car! It’s like you go in with your own Victoria Secret perfume, and coming out of your Uber ride like you just made out with a guy. Whaaaaaaat.

5. Fast and Furious 9

As if watching Fast and Furious 8 wasn’t enough or laws here aren’t strict enough, there are many drivers who speed the streets of Singapore like Vin Diesel wannabes. These drivers who speed can actually be a good or bad thing to us riders though. Good if you’re rushing to a meeting, bad if you’re scared of speeding car rides!


6. Getting into the wrong car

Well, a handful of us has done this we’re sure and it sure as hell was an unforgettable experience! Not sure who to blame too as both riders and drivers didn’t check!

7. Google maps interviewer

We called a cab because we not only might be lazy to walk or drive, but we too might not know the directions. If drivers expect us to lead and direct them to every turn, why not we take over the steering wheel?

8. The 6-star driver

Armed with drinks, snacks, television, wifi and chargers, these drivers are out to make your day! They probably have more entertainment systems then budget airlines do! However, they are so rare that finding one is like finding a rare Pokemon!

9. The overly friendly driver

Probably more females will understand this! No, we’re not interested in you so please keep your phone numbers to yourself.

10. The early bird

The grabHitchers will understand this. Sometimes when you book a grabHitch ride at 3 pm, they arrive at 2:30 pm, and giving you a text message that they have arrived. That’s very nice but you’re also stressing us out!

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