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On Monday (16 September 2019), Stomp Singapore posted a video showing a heated confrontation between a driver and a man.

In the video, a man wearing blue can be seen walking in the middle of a road, entering a MSCP (Multi Story Car Park). He appeared to be in a mobile conversation with another person.

Later on, the cam car driver then spotted him walking in the middle of the road and proceeded to honk his car horn. Two short horns.

The man in blue did not seem to appreciate the honks.

The man then proceeds to intentionally block the driver’s path even more.

Unhappy with the man’s unreasonable response, the cam car driver continued to sound another long honk. This was when the man wearing blue pointed a middle finger angrily at the cam car driver, demonstrating his unhappiness.

Just when you thought it was over, the driver confronted the man in blue further, by telling him that he will “send to the press”. The guy in blue then pointed his middle finger again, before allegedly shouting some vulgarities back.

To de-escalate the heated argument, his (cam car) wife then told him that he should not be so bothered, but just send the video to Stomp.

Here’s the video of what happened:

Featured Image and Video by Stomp Singapore


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